West Bengal Governor refuted the tweets of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin in which he criticized the actions to prorogue the state assembly.

West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankar, Image credits: ANI

“Extremely harsh hurtful observations,”: WB Governor Dhankar

West Bengal Governor on Saturday prorogued the state assembly at the request of the state government. The action received criticism from TN Chief Minister. MK Stalin, via the microblogging site Twitter, said the act undermines democracy.

“The ‘symbolic’ head of the state should be the role model to uphold the constitution. Beauty of democracy lies in extending mutual respect to each other” TN Chief Minister MK Stalin tweeted.

Jagdeep Dhanwar, while responding to criticism through Twitter, called the words harsh & hurtful. He also added an official statement that read the action was taken based upon the request of state Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

“Find it unusually expedient to respectfully invite indulgent attention of TN CM @mkstalin that his extremely harsh hurtful observations are not in the least in conformity with facts- attached order. Assembly was prorogued at the express request” Dhanwar tweeted.

The State government assembly continues to be prorogued indefinitely until further notice.

Recently, the TN Chief Minister criticized TN Governor R.N. Ravi for sending back the G.O. passed against NEET exams in Tamil Nadu.

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