aspirational districts

On Saturday, based on success stories from “aspirational” districts, Prime Minister Modi motivated District magistrates to sort out 10 tasks that have to be focused on the next 3 months to improve the ease of living of the common people. He also stressed the time framed targets on laying village roads, ayushman cards, bank accounts to every person, Ujjwala gas connection, insurance pension and housing for everyone.

PM Modi highlighted the success stories of aspirational districts while speaking with the DMs across the country stating that “Aspirational districts are now eliminating the barriers to the progress of the country. They have become accelerators for growth instead of impediments”.

He also added that the enrollment of pregnant women in government-run health programs has increased from 37% – 97% in Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and many other places. PM Modi said that the ministries has prepared a list of 143 districts that are weak in one or two parameters and suggested those districts collectively on the same plan as aspirational districts.

Likewise, 15 districts that are mapped under 15 ministries were also identified. PM Modi stressed that Digital India is driving the country with a silent revolution. He added that no district should be left from this revolution and digital infrastructure has to be strengthened in India.

Finally, he asked Niti Aayog to regularly interact with DMs and document the challenges faced by them.

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