In the Budget session, Rahul Gandhi mentioned that the President’s speech did not include the problems that the nation is currently facing.

Image credits: ANI

Three crore people lost their job in 2021: Rahul Gandhi.

The Wayanad MP, Rahul Gandhi, said the President’s speech did not address the burning income gap. He said the unemployment level in the country had hit a 50 year high.

He criticized the ruling BJP government for failing to fulfill its poll promise of 2 crore jobs a year. He added that three crore people will have lost their jobs in 2021.

“There was not even a word about unemployment in the Presidential address. The youth all over the country is looking for jobs. Your government is unable to provide them with one. You speak of providing employment, 3 cr youth lost their jobs in 2021. Today India is facing the highest amount of unemployment in 50 years. You talk of Make in India, Start-Up India, but the youth did not get the unemployment they were supposed to,” he said.

Speaking on the widening income gap, he added that in the last ten years, Congress lifted 27 crore people, whereas BJP pushed 23 crores people back into poverty.

He also criticized the government handling of Doklam farmer protests and called the decision were strategic blunders.

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