The Congress did nothing during its tenure but is criticizing the current government action for the sake of ‘blind opposition,’ PM Narendra Modi said during the joint parliamentary session.

PM Narendra Modi, Image credits: ANI

“Divide & rule is in their DNA,”: PM Narendra Modi.

In his reply to President’s address at the joint parliamentary session for Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha, PM Narendra Modi said the Congress, which failed to win the mandate of the people in various states, is opposing efforts of the government for the sake of ‘blind opposition.

The PM began his speech by paying tributes to the late singer Lata Mangeshkar. Later, PM Narendra Modi added that the government respects democracy & respects criticism of the opposition, but ‘blind opposition’ towards every government action is no way forward.

The PM added that a new world order post-Covid & India would take a leadership position in the emerging new world order.

In his reply to the opposition remarks in the session, PM Narendra Modi criticized its blind opposition and said that it is no wonder Congress was removed from power in many states long back.

“You can oppose me, but why are you (Congress) opposing the Fit India Movement and other schemes? No wonder you were voted out in many states years ago. I think you have made up your mind not to come to power for the next 100 years.”

“Nagaland voted for Congress 24 yrs ago, Odisha voted for you 27 yrs ago. You won with a full majority in Goa 28 yrs ago. In 1988, Tripura voted for Congress. West Benga voted for Congress in 1972. You take credit for creation of Telangana but the public did not accept you,” said PM Narendra Modi.

PM Narendra Modi also criticized Congress for making covid spread across Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand & Punjab by giving free tickets to migrant workers.

The PM also said that because of this ego, Congress is out of power in many states.

In his reply to the opposition remark on inflation, the PM said the government had maintained the average inflation target of 5% in its tenure. He also added that Congress has failed to fulfill its promise of ‘Garibi Hatao,’ which the party used for several years.

He added, “Congress attempted to hurt Tamil sentiments, it wants to divide & rule the country…I want to salute Tamil Nadu citizens who lined the streets for hours to pay tribute to CDS Gen Bipin Rawat…Divide & rule is in their DNA”.

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