February 7, 2022 – On Monday, the Union Home Minister Amit Shah has requested Asaduddin Owaisi to accept Z-category security.

Amit Shah said that the intel reports say that the Hyderabad MP still faces a security threat.

accept Z-category security
Source: ANI

“Home Ministry took the report from state government immediately. On the basis of earlier inputs from central security agencies, the Centre had ordered to provide him security. But due to his unwillingness to avail security, Delhi and Telangana Police’s efforts to provide him security did not succeed,” Shah spoke in Rajya Sabha.

He said that they found three bullet marks on the car. He added that Owaisi’s trip to Hapur was not planned and that the district authorities were not informed of the trip.

“Mr. Owaisi did not have a planned event in Hapur and the district authorities were not informed of his trip,” he said. “We have assessed his security threat and decided to give him security. I request him to accept the security cover.”

Mr. Owaisi was attacked while returning to Delhi after an event at Kithaur in UP’s Meerut. The MP said that three to four rounds of bullets were fired on his vehicle and that his vehicle’s tire was punctured as a result. He had demanded an independent probe regarding the incident.

Police had earlier arrested one of the two perpetrators, Sachin Sharma. He said he did it because of Owaisi’s harmful speeches.

“I found Asaduddin Owaisi’s speeches harmful to the nation and not good either. I consider myself a true patriot. In my mind, I had a big enmity with him,” he said for the FIR statement. He added that he was surprised that Owaisi had survived.

Meanwhile, Owaisi had questioned why the perpetrators were not booked under the UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act).

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