On the eve of 73rd Republic day, President Ramnath Kovind addresses the nation

President of India
President of India

“Pandemic is widespread, remain alert,”: President

Wishing citizens on the eve of 73rd Republic Day, the Honorable President spoke on various issues like remembering freedom fighters, following Mahatma Gandhi, Struggle against Covid, economic setbacks, climate change, the contribution of the Indian army, women’s rights, etc.

The President remembered late General Bipin Rawat, who died in the helicopter crash last month. The President also emphasized rediscovering the glory of our national movement.

“Rights and duties are two sides of the same coin. The observance of the Fundamental Duties mentioned in the Constitution by the citizens creates the proper environment for enjoyment of Fundamental Rights. By fulfilling the fundamental duty of rendering national service when called upon to do so, crores of our people have transformed the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and the COVID vaccination drive into mass movements. A great deal of credit for the success of such campaigns goes to our dutiful citizens. I am sure that our people will continue to strengthen the campaigns of national interest with their active participation and will demonstrate the same dedication” the President added.

“India is an ancient civilisation but a young republic. For us, nation-building is a constant endeavour. As in a family, so in a nation; one generation works hard to ensure a better future for the next generation. When we won independence, the exploitation of colonial rule had left us in utter poverty, but in seventy-five years, we have made impressive progress. New opportunities await the next generation. Our youth have taken advantage of these opportunities and set new benchmarks of success. I am sure that with this energy, confidence and entrepreneurship, our country will continue to march ahead on the path of progress and will definitely secure its rightful place, befitting its potential, in the global community” said the President in his speech.

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