February 6, 2022: On Saturday, while addressing the people of Mathura, defense minister Rajnath Singh said, “Rahul Gandhi relying on Chinese media than trusting Indian soldiers over the death toll from the Galwan Valley,” as a response to Rahul’s remarks on Lok Sabha.

Rahul Gandhi said that many Indian jawans were killed in Galwan as compared to only three to four Chinese army personnel. He trusted the Chinese media, even when Australian media reported two days ago that 38-50 Chinese soldiers were killed,” Singh said. He also said, “No one can attack the pride of our nation. I feel confident when I see the high spirits and morale of Indian jawans.

Rajnath Singh accused Rahul Gandhi
Source: ANI

While trying to blame the government, Rahul hurt the army’s jawans and pride. In addition, Rajnath Singh accused Rahul Gandhi for his other statements registered by Rahul Gandhi on Lok Sabha.

The statement, “India is not a nation, it is a union of states,” was pressed by Rahul. He accepted that as per the constitution, India is a “union of states,” but it is a nation together.

Rahul also said that the people of Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu must be given equal rights. As per Rahul, equal treatment must be necessary, which denotes India as a nation.

Rahul fails to realize the core concept that, in some matters, the central government is required to step in to ensure homogeneity. He must have known that his party ran the government for over six decades.

He always tries to separate the states, which is the trick that Britishers used, “divide and rule!” Is Rahul trying to follow the same?

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