February 11, 2022: Ramdas Athawale and Shashi Tharoor entered into a quarrel on Twitter yesterday. On the tweet, Shashi Tharoor highlighted Ramdas Athwale’s face while Ramdas highlighted Shashi’s typo.

On Thursday, Shashi Tharoor came to Twitter to tweet a picture of Ramdas Athawale. The photo was taken on Lok Sabha while FM Nirmala Sitharaman answered the discussion points about the Union Budget 2022.

Ramdas Athawale and Shashi Tharoor
Source: ANI

Shashi Tharoor expressed his views on the image. He highlighted Union minister Ramdas Athawale and said Ramdas Athawale was stunned by FM Sitaraman’s reply that shows that even their treasury bench found that hard to believe. Ramdas Athawale looked mystified on the image.

Dr. Tamdas Athawale got a greater opportunity to respond to that tweet as Shashi Tharoor made a typo in his tweet. Athawale took this chance to point out his typo with a reply tweet. He said, “Dear Shashi Tharoor Ji, they say one is bound to make mistakes while making unnecessary claims and statements.”

Tharoor accepted the mistake and retweeted that he made those mistakes because of his careless typing. While Ramdas Athawale and Shashi Tharoor were bashing each other, Twitter users enjoyed the tweets with their humorous replies.

They started tweets rallies after FM Nirmala Sitharaman replied to the budget discussion. She said the present government handled the financial crisis well and far better than UPA did in 2008.

She pointed out the speedy recovery of the Indian economy despite the crisis and said the retrieval was faster than in developed countries like the USA.

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