1st February 2022 – An official said that the Arunachal teen who went missing on January 18 had been reunited with his family.

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source – ANI

The Chinese’s People Liberation Army (PLA) released the boy over to the Indian Army at the Wacha-Damai interaction point in Anjaw district on January 27. He underwent Quarantine and then completed the other formalities.

On Monday, he returned to his village where he received a warm welcome. His father has alleged that the boy was kept tied and was blindfolded while in custody. He said that his son was mentally exhausted because of the ordeal.

Miram Taron, a teenager from Zido Village in Arunachal Pradesh, had gone missing near the Line of Actual Control during a hunting trip on January 18. His friend, Johny Yaying, who went with him on the hunting trip, said that the Chinese Army abducted the boy from Lungta Jor, near the LAC.

However, Yaying managed to escape and reported the same to the Indian Army, which immediately approached the Chinese Army.

Based on this, the Chinese Army on the Indian Republic Day had assured that the boy would be returned.

Meanwhile, Miram’s father, Opang Taron has said, “He is still in shock. He was kicked in the back and given a mild electric shock initially. He was kept blindfolded most of the time, and his hands were tied during captivity. They untied him only when it was time to eat or relieve himself. But, they provided him with adequate food.”

He further said that the PLA removed the blindfold only when the boy was inside the room and kept on changing his location.

He added, “They beat him and also used minor electric shock. But it was only during the initial days. After that, he was never ill-treated.”

“Everyone has been very supportive of us during this whole period. We are especially grateful to MP Tapir Gao for taking up the case of Miram very strongly at the highest level,” said Opang Taron.

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