India, 1 February 2022: Today is the most anticipated day because of the “Union Budget 2022”. FM Nirmala Sitharaman arrived at the finance ministry and will present the budget today in parliament.

PM Modi on Monday asked all the MPs to make the budget session fruitful with an “open mind.” He asked them to ensure that assembly elections don’t affect the budget session.

Union Budget 2022
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Before the start of the session, while addressing the media, he said that lots of discussions and sessions were affected because of elections. However, elections keep happening all the time. So, he requested a thoughtful, human-sensitive debate and discussions with good intent.

PM Modi also said, “I hope that all MPs and all political parties will definitely help in carrying the country on the path of progress and in accelerating it by having quality discussions with an open mind. The more fruitful we make this session with full commitment, there will be a huge opportunity in the upcoming year to take the country to new economic milestones. “

Stock market experts are keenly waiting for the budget and expecting an uptrend in the indices during and ahead of the budget.

Sensex and Nifty have already fallen 3500 points and 1000 points, respectively, because of the vast and continuous sell-off from foreign investors for the fourth month. Also, the domestic stock market witnessed high volatility during most of the budget sessions.

How to watch the “Union Budget 2022” live?

You can watch the union budget live on the official parliament channel, Sansad Tv, or its YouTube channel. You can also watch it on our national broadcaster, Doordarshan.

For live news updates, you can also visit moneycontrol live updates.

The live session will start at 11 AM IST and usually lasts around 2 hours to complete. FM Nirmala Sitaraman, known for her lengthy budget announcements, took 2 hours and 40 minutes in the 2020 budget session.

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