26th January 2022 – Union Minister Kiren Rijiju, on Wednesday has said that the hotline exchanged between China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and Indian army has resulted in a positive situation regarding the release of the missing teen from Arunachal Pradesh.

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source – ani

“Hotline exchanged on Republic Day by Indian Army with Chinese PLA. PLA responded positively indicating handing over of our national and suggested a place of release. They are likely to intimate date and time soon. Delay attributed to bad weather conditions on their side,” the minister tweeted.

Miram Taron, a teenager from Zido Village in Arunachal Pradesh had gone missing near the Line of Actual Control during a hunting trip on 18th of January.

Following his disappearance, the Indian Army had immediately approached the Chinese side on January 19, asking for assistance in tracing and retrieving the boy.

The Chinese army had assured their help in the search and in returning him as per established protocol.

On January 20, the Chinese side said that they had found a boy, and requested further details to confirm his identity. As per this request, the photos and other personal details for identification were shared by the Indian army.

The Union minister on Tuesday had said that, “Response from the Chinese Side is awaited.”

Earlier, after the teen went missing, Johnny Yuing who went with the missing boy accounted, “I went with Miriam for hunting at Siyangla area but due to darkness we couldn’t proceed. Suddenly Chinese PLA came and took Miriam in their captivity. They chased me but I managed to flee the area. I informed the nearest Indian Army checkpost about the abduction. The next day, I returned to Tuting and informed Miriam’s family members and the Indian Army camp at Tuting.”

The news of the Chinese PLA responding positively to this matter, has been the icing on the cake this Republic Day.

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