31st January 2022 – On Monday, the Madras high court has ordered the CBI investigation of the 17-year-old schoolgirl who committed suicide after the hostel warden allegedly harassed her.

The girl, a Sacred Hearts Higher Secondary School student in Thanjavur, died after consuming poison.

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source – ANI

In a set of 2 videos, she said that she was made to clean toilets do accounts, and do other chores by the warden. She feared she might get poor grades, as the warden kept her occupied to do random tasks.

According to a video, she was harassed by the warden, as her parents had refused to convert to Christianity.

She said, “Two years ago, they said to my parents that if we convert to Christianity, they will take care of my education, and will help in getting into a job. However, my parents had refused.”

When asked whether the warden was targeting her on that backdrop, she responded, saying, “Maybe.”

The police say that the parents had not complained about the conversion angle earlier. The person who took the videos has submitted his phone to the police for further forensic examination.

The police were looking to take action against the person who filmed the videos. However, the court has ordered the police not to harass him and instead focus on the investigation.

The person has said he helped film the teen’s declaration only as her mother had requested him to do so. He has also filmed the statements of the mother in 2 videos. The police had initially ruled out the religious angle and planned to investigate the girl’s stepmother for possible harassment.

The CBI will now investigate the case and look at the suicide from all possible angles.

Whatever is the cause of her death should be put to justice is the people’s expectation.

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