The state’s Education Minister said that schools in Telangana will reopen for all classes from February 1.

Image credits: ANI

Telangana schools reopening

Addressing the media, Telangana school education Minister, Sabitha Reddy, said schools all over Telangana would reopen for classes from February 1. The Minister also asked teachers, students & parents to take necessary precautions.

Earlier, all schools were shut from January 8 to January 30 following the rise in Covid cases.

The education minister also asked people not to believe or spread any rumors regarding covid protocols in educational institutions.

The translation of the tweet goes by “At a recent Cabinet meeting, Chief Minister Shri KCR directed educational institutions should continue to abide by the Kovid rules. Students and parents should not believe the propaganda on social media about school holidays,”

Since the covid cases have dropped, many states are reopening their schools. Earlier, Maharashtra also decided to reopen its schools.

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